About us

A little about us and our vision for the Black Book Box

About Us

The Black Book Box was started by founder and CEO, Satta whilst working full time as a teacher. 

In my spare time, I love to read. In 2019, I challenged myself to read more books by Black authors and then realised I didn’t know that many Black authors! Inspired by my love of reading, I decided to research into more Black books and Black authors. I found a plethora of great Black literature and wanted to share it with everybody! Also inspired by an experience I had with a huge publishing company in 2017, I was frustrated that Black books aren’t as publicised as much as their counterparts. I deeply desire for Black stories to be shared and enjoyed. And so The Black Book Box was founded! I hope you enjoy the box!


Our Vision

Our vision at BBB is to see more people read more Black stories. We want to promote and encourage more people to read more books by Black authors and books with Black Characters. We want to promote and encourage more reading in our community. We want to push Black stories out into the world and make it more mainstream as our counterparts. We want to promote more Black authors. 

Through our boxes, we also want to shine a light on Black creatives. BBB aims to share our love of Black creativity within our boxes. We want to create a community around Black stories and writings. We want to encourage more Black writers to create and share more stories for all to enjoy and love.

We aim to promote love and kindness through our boxes.